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Our Menorca Sandals story began without us even realising, when we were young back in the late 70s and 80s. Two Menorquin kids became friends when we met in Es Grau (a small beautiful fishermen village in the north coast of Menorca) where our families used to spend the summers there. We grew up running wild all day, wearing these sandals everyday through out the summer (a brand new pair every year). I remember we used to love these sandals because they were very easy and quick to put on and slip off again, and that’s very important when you are a kid and you want to jump into the sea with your friends every 5 minutes. Also I remember we liked the fact that the sole was very tough, which is very handy in Menorca, because the landscape is very rocky.

After our younger years, Kiko and me took different paths in life and lost contact. Kiko followed the steps of his dad (a very respectful and successful business man in Menorca) and started his own  business, handmaking and selling these sandals in different styles and colours, using traditional methods with the best quality leathers and materials. (Real name: Avarcas menorquinas). I went to work in the tourism industry, where in 1996 I met my wife Bridget, an English lady who came to Menorca working as a holiday rep. In 2001 we got married, and in 2004 we moved to England.

After 12 years working in the transport industry in the UK, I have met a lot of people that have been to Menorca, and I realised that not a single one of them had a bad word to say about the island. Then i started thinking that I would love to bring a taste of Menorca to the UK to share with the English people, and that’s when I' got In touch with my friend Kiko, and here we are today.

Our story, is a story of friends reunited, a story of passion for these authentic and unique shoes, and a story of love for Menorca, one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.

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